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Our projects

Our biggest project is the Foundation itself. Every day, we broaden our experience, we learn and develop. We realize that the issue we are dealing with is difficult... but this is why we want to do it.

To begin with, we have focused on helping people in mourning, their relatives, children, who have lost their parents, as well as on projects for institutions – and on social discourse on life after loss. This is what we are working on and dealing with right now:  


-for those who have suffered a loss,

- for families,

- for friends,

- for children,

- for those, who work with victims of loss – policemen, healthcare professionals, government officials.

- support groups for those in mourning,

- support groups for children in mourning,

- support groups for friends and relatives,

- individual therapy,

- emergency interventions,

- psychiatric care,

- individual consulting

-legal advisor,

- notary public,

- assistance in filling out of documents,

- online legal consulting,

- law consulting – duty hours at our office,

- insurance consulting – duty hours at our office,

We cooperate with the Social Insurance Office.

We are assisted by dedicated Social Insurance Office employees in all provinces of Poland.

support groups and individual therapy for children,

provided by developmental psychology specialists, experienced in working with children facing a loss

Monthly and quarterly social and cultural meetings

-online assistance,

-online guide,

-compendium of knowledge on mourning,



-our stories

We prepared in 2012 in cooperation with the Australian Ministry of Health, a guide in book format, an exhaustive publication on loss, obligations of the family associated with the death of a close person, on the experience of mourning and on mourning children, including personal interviews with recognized personalities on the experience of loss, how to cope with mourning, formal issues to be taken care of, where to ask for help and why, information on the foundation 

a support line for mourning persons, established in cooperation with Orange 

one-day trainings for HR departments of companies/ institutions, offices – making employees sensitive to the issues of loss and mourning, providing the necessary tools to prepare a company for the sudden death of an employee and the tools to respond in emergency situations; emergency intervention at the company;


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